We are a foundation

dedicated to the prevention of violence in Mexico.

We work through children's theater with girls, boys and adolescents who are victims of abuse, with the aim of ensuring dignified survival and preventing them from reproducing the violence they have experienced.


  • 01. Altos índices de violencia

    Los índices de la violencia en México van en aumento desde hace años.
  • 02. Costo económico

    La violencia en México nos cuesta económicamente 4.6 billones de pesos al año (USD 230 mil millones).
  • 03. Inseguridad

    61.2% de la población considera la inseguridad como el principal problema.
  • 04. Impacto en la niñez

    En México, 6 de cada 10 niñas, niños y adolescentes son víctimas de algún tipo de violencia.
  • 05. Prevención

    La violencia se puede prevenir.
  • 3,810


  • 2,543

    Girls, boys and adolescents

  • 1,267


  • 1,106


  • 57


  • 36

    Institutions impacted

Annual Report 2022

Discover our 2022 Annual Report and learn more about our cause.
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How do we help?

We help girls, boys and adolescents who are survivors of violence through children's theater workshops and group learning strategies.

Theater workshops

Theater workshops focused on violence prevention.
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Dignified Survival

We work for a dignified survival of girls, boys and adolescents who are victims of child abuse.
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Child development

We seek to strengthen skills that help enhance their maximum comprehensive development.
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Rights of girls and boys

Our commitment focuses on the defense of the rights of girls, boys and adolescents.
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