Sobrevivencia Digna

Dignified Survival

From victims to survivors

In the fight against child abuse, language plays a crucial role. The Zero Violence project of the Agenda Cero foundation addresses this challenge by focusing on work for the dignified survival of girls, boys and adolescents who have experienced child abuse. In this sense, the importance of calling them "survivors" instead of "victims" is highlighted and how this approach contributes to their recovery, resilience and empowerment.

The difference between "victims" and "survivors"

The term "victim" is commonly associated with passivity and vulnerability, while "survivor" implies resilience and strength. This distinction is fundamental in the Zero Violence project, as it seeks to empower girls, boys and adolescents who have faced child abuse, recognizing their ability to overcome these experiences and build meaningful lives.

Empowerment and Recovery

Calling these girls, boys and adolescents “survivors” instead of “victims” has a profound impact on their self-esteem and their recovery process. Here are some reasons why this approach is essential:

1. Strengthening self-image: By identifying as survivors, girls, boys and adolescents see their experience as a part of their story, not as the entirety of their identity. This allows them to build a more positive and resilient self-image.

2. Promoting resilience: Calling these children and adolescents survivors recognizes their ability to overcome challenges and adapt, which reinforces their resilience and self-confidence.

3. Incentive to seek help: By using language that emphasizes strength rather than vulnerability, the stigma associated with child abuse is reduced and children and adolescents are encouraged to seek help whenever they need it.

4. Creating a supportive environment: Language that emphasizes survival rather than victimization promotes an environment of support and understanding, in which children and adolescents feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking help.

We work for dignified survival

Agenda Cero Foundation's Project Zero Violence is dedicated to providing survivors of child abuse with the tools and resources necessary to recover and thrive. Some of the key initiatives include:

1. Support: Provide emotional and affective support to help girls, boys and adolescents address the consequences of abuse and develop healthy coping strategies.

2. Education and empowerment: Offer tools that promote resilience, self-esteem and communication skills to empower girls, boys and adolescents on their path to dignified survival based on their Rights.

3. Awareness and prevention: Carry out awareness campaigns about child abuse to prevent future cases and challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

4. Creation of support networks: Facilitate support networks where survivors can share experiences, provide mutual support, and develop a sense of community.

The importance of language

In the fight for a dignified survival of girls, boys and adolescents who are victims of child abuse, language plays a fundamental role. By calling them “survivors” instead of “victims,” they are recognized as strong and resilient individuals, which contributes to their empowerment and recovery. The Zero Violence project of the Agenda Cero Foundation embraces this approach and works tirelessly to ensure that each affected girl, boy or adolescent can build a future free of abuse and full of opportunities for dignified survival.

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