Derechos de Niñas y Niños

Rights of Girls and Boys

Children's Rights Approach

In Mexico, the protection and promotion of the rights of girls, boys and adolescents are fundamental priorities. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by Mexico in 1990, establishes the essential principles to guarantee the well-being of youth.

The Agenda Cero foundation, through its Zero Violence project and its organizational principles, exemplifies these commitments in action. Working tirelessly, the foundation not only advocates for the eradication of violence, but also promotes an environment where every boy and girl can fully exercise their rights, actively participate and build a future full of opportunities.

In this sense, some of the Rights of girls, boys and adolescents that we impact through our programs are:

Right not to be Discriminated

Non-discrimination is a fundamental principle that embraces diversity and ensures that all girls and boys, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion or other characteristics, have equal opportunities. Mexico is advancing in the construction of an inclusive society, working to eradicate discrimination and provide an environment where each boy and girl feels valued and respected.

Right to a Life Free of Violence and Personal Integrity

Protection against violence is an unbreakable commitment. Girls, boys and adolescents have the right to live free of physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Mexico works to create effective mechanisms for the prevention, care and eradication of violence, ensuring that the personal integrity of youth is safeguarded.

Right to Rest and Leisure

Rest and recreation are essential for healthy development. Mexico recognizes the importance of these activities in the lives of girls, boys and adolescents. It seeks to provide a balance between education and recreational activities to ensure comprehensive and healthy growth.

Right to Freedom of Expression and Access to Information

Freedom of expression is crucial for personal and social development. Girls, boys and adolescents in Mexico have the right to express their opinions and access relevant information. The creation of spaces where they can actively participate in making decisions that affect them is encouraged, thus contributing to the strengthening of a participatory society.

Participation Right

The right to actively participate in matters that directly affect them is a cornerstone in the protection of children's rights. Mexico promotes the participation of girls, boys and adolescents in various areas, from the family to society in general, recognizing that their voice is essential to building a more just and equitable community.

Right of Association and Meeting

Encouraging association and gathering contributes to the social and emotional development of youth. In Mexico, the creation of safe and accessible spaces is promoted where girls, boys and adolescents can associate and meet, thus strengthening their social ties and contributing to the development of cooperation and leadership skills.

Building a Rights-Based Future

Mexico, by recognizing and protecting these fundamental rights, demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and comprehensive development of girls, boys and adolescents. The promotion and protection of these rights is not only a legal obligation, but a crucial step towards building a fair, inclusive and respectful society, where every young person can grow and reach their full potential. The journey toward a rights-based Mexico is underway, and each protected right represents a significant step toward a brighter, more equitable future for Mexican youth.

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