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Agenda Cero

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In the heart of Mexico, there are girls and boys who have experienced the trauma of violence. But together, we can be your voice, your hope, and your opportunity for healing.

At Agenda Zero we work tirelessly to ensure dignified survival for girls and boys who are victims of child abuse through theater workshops. On stage, they find a way to express their fears, joys and dreams, rebuilding their lives with confidence and resilience.

Today, we ask you to join us on this journey of transformation. Your donation is not only a gesture of generosity, it is an act of love and solidarity that can change lives. Every financial contribution we receive allows us to continue providing essential support and opportunities to girls and boys who deserve a future free of violence.

Help us break the cycle of violence and build a safer Mexico. Your donation is an investment in hope, love and healing. Join us and be part of the change the world needs.

Donate today and help us empower future generations to live free from fear and violence!

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