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Agenda Cero

Donation of Materials

Donation of Materials

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In our commitment to ensure dignified survival for girls and boys who have faced violence, children's theater workshops are an essential tool. Through theater, girls and boys find a voice to express their emotions and experiences in a resilient and creative way.

Today we invite you to be part of this mission by providing the materials that make these workshops possible. Your donation becomes the acquisition of theater materials such as costumes, scenery, games and props, and is a tangible contribution that promotes the imagination and healing of these children.

Your generosity will not only provide the necessary elements to create a magical theatrical environment, but it will also send a message of support and love to each girl and boy who participates in our workshops. Each mask, each costume and each setting becomes a tool for healing and transformation.

Join us in this act of solidarity and creativity. Donate today and be part of the magic that theater brings to girls and boys who deserve a future without violence.

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